Executive Director

Terrance A. Sullivan, J.D.

I believe in fairness. I believe that each of us, every single person in Kentucky, is entitled to a life free from discrimination.

Growing up, my family was no stranger to discrimination. As I got older, some of the discrimination increased as I was constantly reminded of what others like me were facing on a daily basis. I have been denied housing, I’ve been denied a job, I’ve been profiled and not served in a place of business. I get it.

Sometimes, when you grow up in a marginalized population or as a protected class, it is easier to spot discrimination and to be moved to challenge it. I have devoted my life to improving the lives of people like me, looked down upon in society and facing barriers simply due to facts they cannot change. I have dreamt of the opportunity to make a difference, and to be that helping hand I always wished existed for me and my family. I went to law school intent on being a part of the process of healing while fighting for the rights of all people to live a life free of the encumbrances of discrimination.

As the Executive Director of the Kentucky Commission of Human Rights, I plan to do just that. I hope that if you see something unjust in our Commonwealth that you let us know. If there is discrimination, our team will be there to help you along the way as we move toward a more accepting society.

My dream is to one day make this office moot, to exist in a space where we are treated with the civility and respect we so rightfully deserve. Until that day, however, I want you to know that we are here, and we are here for you.

Signature of Terrance Sullivan


Mr. Sullivan brings relevant experience and incredible passion to the KCHR Executive Director position. A Louisville Brandeis School of Law graduate and Thurgood Marshall CLEO Scholar, Mr. Sullivan has dedicated his career to public service. Mr. Sullivan has served as Chief of Staff to the Louisville Metro Council, Legislative Analyst for the Kentucky Legislative Research Commission, and as State Policy Director for KnowledgeWorks, a foundation dedicated to educational equality. Mr. Sullivan’s experience and proven devotion to civil rights makes him the right leader for the KCHR’s new direction.