Greetings from Executive Director John J. Johnson

As the Executive Director, I would like to welcome you to the Kentucky Commission on Human Rights official website. This site serves as a point of contact for all people who are in need of the Commission's services or wish to learn more about our work.
The Kentucky Commission on Human Rights is the state agency charged with enforcing the state Civil Rights Act, which bans discrimination in employment, housing, public accommodations and financial transactions. As the civil rights law enforcement agency of the Commonwealth, we work to protect people from discrimination based on race, gender, age, national origin, color, religion and disability. We also protect families who may face discrimination in housing because they have children.
In 1960, the Kentucky Commission on Human Rights became a trailblazer for justice and a protector for equal opportunity as it sought to foster mutual understanding and respect among Kentucky’s diverse population. Now, over a half century later, we continue this mission as we carry out our mandate to enforce civil rights laws with all the authority of a court of law.
Our aim is to end discrimination. To reach this goal, we need your support and the support and strength of partners across Kentucky. At the Commission, we carry out our duties in the following ways:
•  Investigation and Enforcement of civil rights complaints

•  Litigation and Adjudication of civil rights complaints

•  Research, Education, Outreach and Communication on civil rights matters
For many years, I have been privileged to work side-by-side with many of Kentucky’s civil rights pioneers who helped establish, sustain and expand the Commission. Today, I am privileged to work with dedicated commissioners and staff who labor diligently to protect the civil rights of all people.
Kentucky is a state with a rich history in the arena of civil and human rights. While there are miles to go, we can all be proud of our state as a leader in civil rights. In 1960, Kentucky became the first state south of the Mason-Dixon Line to open its own human rights commission. In 1966, Kentucky became the first state south of the Mason-Dixon Line to pass its own civil rights law.
We have made great strides since the commission's formation in 1960. We began with a civil rights law that prohibited discrimination in Employment and Public Accommodations based on race, national origin, color and religion. Now, the law also prohibits discrimination in Housing and Financial Transactions. Today, the Kentucky Civil Rights Act also includes the protected classes of age, gender, disability and family status.
Please accept my invitation to use this website as a resource to learn more about the important work of the KCHR. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at our offices and events. Together we can make Kentucky a place we are all proud to call home.
My best regards,
John J. Johnson