Let Us Provide Training For You

The Kentucky Commission on Human Rights conducts training sessions throughout the year for groups, businesses, organizations and the general public.
If you are interested in any of our trainings, send us an email or contact us

Fair Housing

Sessions designed for housing providers, realtors, financial lenders, advertisers, media, community groups and the public to outline fair housing rights and how to comply with fair housing law.

Cultural Diversity

This training is designed to enlighten and educate employers and employees about the ins and outs of cultural diversity. Topics discussed include “Why diversity is important”, “How our views are formed” and “Fostering open communication”. Participants are encouraged to participate in open discussion and should leave training with a new or renewed sense of importance for diversity.

Building Culturally Sensitive Teams

This workshop uses the principles of the Cultural Diversity training to encourage building work teams that are culturally sensitive to and inclusive of all members of the team.

Sexual Harassment

This workshop discusses the particulars of sexual harassment law, including discussion of several “special topics” that differ from our traditional thoughts about what sexual harassment is. This workshop is important for employees because it teaches them what their rights are if they feel they’ve been harassed, and how to avoid being accused of sexual harassment. This is also important for employers as it explore show to address allegations of harassment and ways to foster harassment-free environments.

The Civil Rights Act (KRS 344)

This workshop is a general discussion of the Kentucky Civil Rights Act. It is a basic workshop, teaching how the law protects and how to avoid breaking the law. It provides a history leading to the law's creation.  

KRS 344 and Filing a complaint with KCHR

This workshop tackles general topics about the Commission, how we enforce the law, how to file a complaint, what to do if you are served with a complaint, and other generalities of KRS 344.

Custom Training

Workshops can be created to fit the needs of any community or group. They can fit any and all of the above topics, as well as other civil rights issues, such as Fair Housing or how to start a local commission in a city, county or region. Those requesting training may call our agency with a “wish list”, and we will work with them to create the perfect workshop for their needs. 

New Commissioner Orientation and New Commissioner Training

Orientation sessions introduce new local commissions to the Kentucky Commission on Human Rights partnership and discuss the roles of local commissions along with education and outreach options for their communities. New commissioner training provides KRS 344 and intake instruction.