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Hall of Fame 2005

John G. Fee

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John G. Fee, Berea, Ky. (1816-1901): Mr. Fee founded Berea College in 1859 as a co-educational institution that would admit men and women, black and white, at a time when slavery was legal in Kentucky. Mr. Fee was an abolitionist who was born in 1816 in Bracken County, Ky. His family members were farmers who owned slaves. However, he later attended seminary and preached against the institution of slavery. Berea, the town in Madison County he helped found in 1854, became a center for abolitionist activity. He was driven out of Berea in 1859 by pro-slavery sympathizers but returned in 1865. During his lifetime, Mr. Fee insisted that blacks and whites, men and women, learn in the same classroom and participate in the same social clubs and activities. He said that racial equality should be preached and practiced.

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