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Hall of Fame 2001

Lucretia Baldwin Ward (1922-1996)

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The late Ms. “Lukey” Ward founded the Women’s Alliance of Louisville. She was a co-founder of the Allied Organizations for Civil Rights and a co-founder of the Louisville Chapter Southern Christian leadership Conference. She was a member of the Kentucky Commission on Women and the Jefferson County Domestic Violence Coordinating Council. She helped organize the civil rights March on Frankfort on March 4, 1964 to desegregate public accommodations. She was often involved in open housing marches in Louisville during the turbulent sixties. She was present in Selma, Ala., on March 7, 1965 with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. She was the mother of U. S. Congressman, Mike Ward. “It’s very simple,” Mike said. “All that I am is because of her.” One supporter said, “She was white and a mother, daughter and wife. Before it was all over she had risked personal danger, contributed much of her inheritance, and endured taunts to herself and her children…but her all-consuming battle against racial oppression kept her going and kept her focused on the prize.”

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Lucretia Baldwin Ward (1922-1996)
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