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Hall of Fame 2001

Anne M. Braden (1924-Louisville)

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For over 50 years, Ms. Braden has been deeply involved in the struggle for human freedom. She was the first recipient of the American Civil Liberties Union Roger Baldwin Medal of Liberty. Author of the book, The Wall Between, she is a writer and a civil rights teacher. She is a former journalist of the now defunct Louisville Times newspaper. Braden and her late husband Carl Braden came under public attack when they bought a house to sell to an African American couple in order to desegregate the Louisville Shively neighborhood. “All hell broke loose in Louisville and much of the rest of the state,” one person recalls. She moved to and has remained in the West End of Louisville while many white citizens fled to the suburbs after housing was integrated. She organized lobbying for legislation to desegregate hospitals and schools in Kentucky. She has worked on a variety of civil rights issues in education, organizing community activism and demanding government action. She was an organizer of the West End Community Council. She has been active in the Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression, both nationally and locally.

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